All companies are in the business of securing the best possible talent. However, different types of recruiting techniques work at different times for different companies.

What is a contingency search?

Contingency recruitment, as its name implies, is when a fee is contingent upon whether you hire the candidate we have vetted and presented to you. We understand that in this model we may compete with other recruitment efforts such as your HR department or internal recruiters and other recruitment companies. OUR GOAL is to represent the best candidates in a market and to do this faster than the other channels. If proven, we hope to gain your confidence as your sole contingent recruiter for future openings.


With contingency recruitment comes our guarantee. If a candidate is found unacceptable within the 90-day interim period BERWICK+MUIR will re-recruit for the position at no additional cost to our client.

What is a retained search?

A retained search is where there is an agreed upon upfront fee to conduct searches for a particular talent. This is usually an extremely hard to fill role, or a C or V level role that calls for the utmost discretion on everyone’s part. Unlike a contingency search, a retained search is an exclusive role of locating new employees for our clients. The process is usually rigorous with a shortlist of anything from three to six names being presented before interviews commence. Then we will be able to narrow this down to a few candidates with the ideal skills, location, salary, etc. and all you have to do is pick the one you like the most.

Which recruitment style would work best for your company?

In a contingent search we are only paid if a person we find is hired. It is 100% risk free and guaranteed for our clients.

Retained searches, on the other hand, have been paid for upfront. There is a clear understanding of how much time and effort will be put towards finding top performers. We will take ample time to get things right using processes and agreed methodology, knowing we will fill the position thanks to the exclusivity terms and in-depth communication.